Prison Advocacy

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Prison Advocacy

The amount of incarcerated people in this country is around 1.5 million, and even though hundreds of thousands of prisoners are released every year, they struggle to rejoin society. Many former prisoners have trouble when finding jobs and houses, and they often struggle to fit in socially. It’s extremely common for former inmates to end up homeless. Even though there are employers who take initiative to higher those you served time, there aren’t nearly enough workplaces doing that, and around seventy-five percent of people with criminal records end up with no job. This is where prison advocacy and prison reform come in, attempting to right these wrongs and spark change. The National Incarceration Association is one of the leading prison advocacy groups.

What Is Prison Advocacy?

Prison advocacy is made possible by advocates around the country dedicating themselves to helping inmates. These advocates work to make sure prisoners’ rights are met, and they are a key part of reforming the prison system. Prisoners have rights just like everyone else but it is commonplace for these rights to be ignored on the basis that they are criminals. The hard workers at places like NIA fight to keep that from happening.

What Is The National Incarceration Association?

The NIA is one of the leading prison advocacy groups, and they hope their good work can help to change the justice system and how it works. There are aspects of the prison system that are unfair and unjust, and the NIA is leading the movement to change that. They work in public safety with numerous partners. The NIA raises awareness about the unjust policies of the prison system while sharing information that many people may not know. They also provide resources for prison reform and offer rehabilitation to individuals and their families. The NIA works hard to make sure inmates hold on to their rights in prison. In their individualized approach, a highly trained Independent Advocate will visit the offender at frequent intervals to ensure that their health and social care needs are met during their time in prison.

Restoration For All

The prison support that the NIA is able to offer to inmates can help them while locked up, and even after they have been released. Having a family member come home from prison can be a difficult situation, but the NIA is there to help former inmates as well as their families through the transition. There is no system-wide reform happening in the prison systems of America right now, and that is where the NIA and their partners step in to help while working toward rehabilitation programs.

Contacting The NIA

Information about The NIA, their team, and their partners can be found right on their website. They post news about upcoming events, as well as telling people where they can donate and how they can take action. You can get in touch with The NIA about an incarcerated loved one, or just to see how you can get involved in prison advocacy.

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