intellectual property attorneys Chicago IL

Article provided by: Bill Nowakowski, Patent Attorney

intellectual property attorneys Chicago IL

Many of the significant advances in the world come from an idea. When a person has the motivation and inspiration to generate something new and different, a new creation is born. When the process advances and a revolutionary product or service is obtained, innovation arises.

However, in many cases, some people or organizations unduly take over the ideas and creations of these visionaries, and take advantage, without recognizing the author's rights. Intellectual property is the protection granted to the product of the human intellect. These developments can occur in the scientific, literary, artistic or industrial fields.

This type of protection grants authors and creators the exclusive rights to use their ideas and knowledge, preventing third parties from doing so. If you are a creative, or innovative, it is essential that you understand the importance of protecting your intellectual property, and how an expert lawyer in the field such as Bill Nowakowski can assist you.

What Can You Protect with Intellectual Property Rights?

These are the four main categories that you can protect through intellectual property. If you want assistance from the best intellectual property attorneys in Chicago IL, contact us and we will gladly assist you:

  1. Patents: along with utility models, patents protect all inventions and innovations of technical nature. These advances are usually entirely new, provide meaningful solutions, and bring significant advances to the industry.
  2. Trademarks: A brand associates a product with a particular company. This allows the product to differentiate within the market. With the distinction of brands, companies enter into free competition within economic activity, in a fair and equitable way.
  3. The Industrial Designs: protect the external appearance of the products. They provide added value by improving the presentation, aesthetics and the ultimate usefulness of the product. Consequently, they favor competition.
  4. The Copyright: This term refers to the exclusive right of an author to exploit a scientific, literary or artistic creation. It is not permanent; it is usually granted for a certain period.

Advantages of Protecting Your Intellectual Property

  • Exclusive right to use concepts, and ideas. 
  • Increase the market value of companies.
  • You can obtain profits from the exploitation of your ideas.
  • You can create strong trends in a market, and competitive advantages.
  • The company can penetrate new markets.
  • Duplication is avoided, and technical information isn’t stolen
  • Funding can be obtained for the development of ideas.

How to Properly Protect Your Intellectual Property

The wisest way to protect your rights over your creations concerning third parties is through the registers. For this, it is advisable that you have the services of an expert intellectual property attorney, such as Bill Nowakowski. Through his advice and guidance, you can defend your innovations and have the basis to face any person or organization that intends to use, and what is worse, profit from your brilliant intellectual products.

If you want to receive more information and advice from Bill Nowakowski, the best of the best intellectual property attorneys in Chicago IL, do not hesitate to contact him. For your benefit, you can enjoy a free consultation for the first 15 minutes today.

intellectual property attorneys Chicago IL
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