Daytona Beach Bail Bonds

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Daytona Beach Bail Bonds

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One of the worst episodes a human being can experience is the prison. If you or a family member has been accused, and you find yourself in such a challenging situation, the ideal is to achieve freedom as soon as possible. In these cases, top bail bonds in Daytona are sure to be your greatest allies.

These are people licensed by the Department of Insurance, whom you can hire to ensure that your incarcerated loved one is released. If you are looking for premier Daytona Beach bail bonds, Alliance Bail Bonds is your ideal choice. You must understand how our system works so that you can be convinced that we are the best Daytona Beach bail bonds.

How Do We Work at Alliance?

Our services are activated with a phone call (we are 24/7 bail bonds), which can be made by you, or your loved one from prison. Once we contact the person in charge, we will ask for the necessary information to do the paperwork. These are the full name, the booking number, the jail location, and the charges. With this information, we will prepare the service contract documents. If you are not in town, don't worry, we can do this procedure online or by phone.

Then the designated bail agent will ask you for the service fee. This is a non-refundable amount that will range from 10-15% of the total bail amount set by the court. This amount may be higher or lower. This will depend on the circumstances and the proximity of the detention center.

The responsible person will also be asked for collateral as a guarantee of the process. This must be a significant asset. That is a piece of real estate, a vehicle, or even jewelry. This collateral is to ensure that the defendant attends all court hearings and that they meet any other conditions the bail agent requests.

Upon completion of the administrative process, our extraordinary Daytona Beach bail bonds will proceed to post the bond with the court. The courts will take between 1 to 3 hours to process the request. It all depends on how crowded the jail is.

Once released, the defendant is committed to attending all hearings and complying with the agency's conditions. It is imperative to understand that failure to do so would mean that the defendant would be violating the terms of bail.

In that case, the court will request full payment of the bail. The agent will then search for your relative and return them to prison. Also, keep in mind that if the bond has to be paid in full, you may lose the collateral you have posted. But don't worry, as long as the defendant meets the conditions, everything will be fine. Finally, the full amount of bail will be released or paid at the end of the trial.

Count on the Leading Bail Bonds in Volusia County, FL!

If you are going through this challenging situation, we are here to help you. Alliance Bail Bonds have been in business for over 25 years, assisting a variety of families in the area. Since 2012 it has been proudly operated by our family, the Buccolos, with a sincere desire to help others. For us, helping people is our business. Let us assist you with the most professional and confidential service. We also speak Spanish. Contact Alliance Bail Bonds 24/7/365 for bail bonds in Volusia County, Florida.


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